Responsible Tourism

Orchestra Travel Team is positively committed to uphold this policy and operate its classic tours, luxury tours and adventures in line to the guidelines. Our team emphasize on minimizing negative economic, environmental and social impacts in the areas of our operation. We are fully committed to conservation of our resources; working with our clients and the local communities to promote direct economic benefits at a community level and to contribute to environmental and cultural heritage conservation; at the same time providing more enjoyable experiences for our guests through meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is an approach to managing tourism, aimed at maximizing economic and social and environmental benefits and minimizing costs to destinations. Simply put, Responsible Tourism is tourism “that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit”. A responsible tourism approach aims to achieve the three principle outcomes of sustainable development – economic growth, environmental sustainability and social justice. The distinguishing characteristic of the approach is the focus on the responsibility of role-players in the tourism sector, and destination in general, to take action to achieve sustainable tourism development.

It is tourism where people take an active responsibility in the tourism sector in public and private sector, and in communities where tourism occurs; it is about identifying issues, prioritizing them and taking action alone or with others to address challenges. Responsible Tourism is a multi-stakeholder process involving partnerships within and between the public and private sectors to take effective action to address challenges or maximize the yield from tourism. Everyone can take on a responsibility in tourism, whether you are in the public sector, private sector, community or you are a visitor. It is about recognizing responsibility and not leaving it to others – not being an achaungthamar – a free rider. The responsibility agenda is broad and it extends from delivering what is offered and contract compliance, through financial protection and bonding, to health and safety and meeting the expectations of guests.

Reference from: Ministry of Hotels & Tourism (Responsible Tourism Policy)

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